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My technique?  Discovering your NATURAL VOICE should feel almost like speaking on long vowels in different parts of your RANGE, which we’ll discover together.

Some concepts that we’ll concentrate on and strengthen are:  BREATH (the foundation), DIAPHRAGM, RELEASING TENSION IN THE JAW AND TONGUE, VOWELS and DIPTHONGS, the PASSAGIO or transitional notes, extending and strengthening the BELT, HEAD and CHEST voices, the PHARYNX and the LARYNX.  I have exercises to help you discover and strengthen all of these. 

When the time is right, we’ll start AUDITION TECHNIQUES and invite an accompanist to join us for the second half of the lesson. 

I’m looking for hard-working students who are serious about discovering their NATURAL VOICE and having a LONG CAREER in Musical theater through hard work together.

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